Update 10/5

Well, since the last time I posted a lot of stuff has happened.  I started school, and I got a job working at Sonic.  I also got arrested, and am going to be charged with my third DUI.  I am very scared to go to prison, but through the work I have been doing with my therapist, I can at least function without having a panic attack thinking about what is going to happen to me.  School and work have both been going pretty good, so it is a huge bummer that I have court to worry about now.  I am not even sure if I am going to be able to finish this semester in school before I get locked up, and that is very scary to me.  I am holding out hope that there might be some way I could do DWI court, and avoid going to jail.  Even if I do go to jail, I think I will be able to handle it.  If its 4 months or less, I will be sad, but relatively pleased with the outcome.  If it is between 4 months and a year, I am going to be super sad, and scared.  If it is over a year, I will probably have a friggin’ meltdown.  The shitty thing is I have no clue what I am even going to be charged with just yet, and how that would affect my probation.  I really just do not know what to expect from this whole situation besides the fact that it is not going to be good.  That is all I am going to be writing for right now.  Over and out.


Day Today 8/21

I’m waiting on school to start in a week. The boredom is killing me, and I suspect is the culprit behind a lot of my bad behavior. I chilled at a ghetto older black man’s house in the hood in South Minneapolis today. He lives there with his equally ghetto native wife, and some of their kids. The crazy thing is these guys somehow seem to have a functioning family system. They help out a lot of the homeless people in the area by letting them crash there, which is insane, but admirable. They are both hardened, weathered drug addicts, but I don’t think they are bad people. They sure seem to like my preppy white ass so I guess they’re onto something. I’ve always got along with people from all walks of life (I have some crazy stories about that). That honestly might be the thing I like best about myself: being able to fit it and make friends with just about anybody. From wealthy white executives, to homeless crack addicts, there are a number of people I have mantained relationships with from all walks of life. Overall, not a terrible day. Over and out.

Brooklyn Park vs. Brooklyn Center

I am a young adult male living in Minnesota. Lately I have been spending a lot of time driving in between Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center. I often wonder why two cities so close to each other have such similar names. It is confusing to navigate, and frustrating at times. Why couldn’t they have chosen a different name? We are in Minnesota, not New York!

Well I decided to do a little research and here’s the skinny. In the late 1800s, there was an area called Brooklyn Township that encompassed what is now Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, and Crystal Lake. The city of Minneapolis has a tendency to annex townships in close proximity, a problem that didn’t just affect the Brooklyn area. That deal sucks for the residents of Brooklyn Township because then they are forced to pay taxes for an area where they don’t live. So they scrambled to form three different cities in order to more directly control the areas in which they lived. But why the name shenanigans?

I couldn’t find a distinct reason WHY they people in charge of making the cities chose two similar names but I’m guessing it’s because they wanted to preserve the tradition of Brooklyn Township. The settlers of the area were from Brooklyn, Michigan (not New York), so the name had some importance to them. The center vs Park thing doesn’t really matter at that point, but there you go!

So here’s the deal I think we need to change the name of one of these cities. It could be something super sweet like Los Angeles Center, or something. Contact me and let’s put this together! God Bless!

The Office “Initiation” Review


It’s one of the classic office episodes of all-time. One that feels like a self-contained movie in less than 30 minutes. The highlight was a ceremony, in which Dwight is trying to initiate Ryan into his “team” by having him wrestle his fear (Dwight’s cousin Mose). Mose is played by producer Michael Schur a little known fact for you. This episode also has Andy singing a variety of Acapella songs.